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Passion Projects Wanted.



They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Grayson's work 'behind' the camera as a Producer/Writer/Director certainly reflects that.  Grayson Berry began as an actor in 2002, but after Writing/Directing/Producing his first Pilot in 2010 (Prescribed), he realized that passion projects were more fulfilling long-term. Unlike the "high and crash" from acting, passion projects seem to benefit everyone in the cast and crew.  Grayson found he had a knack for attracting phenomenal crew members, who were either already experienced and loved it, or trying it on a part-time basis, and found they loved their work on-set far more than their regular job. Similarly, securing locations on a budget was a challenging and rewarding part of producing, and we have done quite a few period pieces.  Grayson shares, "Looking back, I began by immersing myself in other’s passion projects, due to some hesitancy about whether my own were "worth it”. Grayson moved forward on amazing projects ranging from a gritty western to a sports travel documentary and, most recently, a medieval action-drama (trailers and scripts below).


Does not feeling your work is “worth it” sound familiar? Self-doubt about putting your work out there is a hurdle, and we recognize that. We are here to listen and help you develop your projects, regardless of where you are in the process.


The Studios, Networks, and Streaming Platforms are increasingly producing content in-house (original content.) Grayson Berry Productions helps you make your mark, and get your project distributed, without these built-in contacts.


About GBP Head of Production, Thomas Ryan Ward

Ryan is a stage and independent film actor/director/producer, published playwright and new-works collaborator. After meeting Grayson Berry in 2016, the two film and anthology enthusiasts set to work on what would become VORTEX: A Film Anthology (2022).   Creating VORTEX  was truly one of the most rewarding and inspiring experiences of Ryan's career, as it was fully executed during the pandemic with a small, dedicated team of up-and-comers in the New Jersey/New York area.  The beauty of creating an anthology (over a single-story feature film) was that it allowed the team to try different genres, filming techniques, varied locales, and a variety of comedic and dramatic tones... there wasn't "one voice" or "one look"... it truly was a collaboration.  This is what you will gain from working with GBP on your passion projects as well.



For Investment and/or Purchase



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2010 - Prescribed (Comedy)

An aspiring, out-of-work pharmaceutical sales representative will stop at nothing to break into a gender-biased marketplace...and finds love amidst his most trying transformation.

2013 - Westish (Western)

A Paris, TX "clerk turned Sheriff," who comes into a family inheritance, and assembles a dream team to journey west, in search of the perfect land claim.

2014 - Holy Wood (Comedy)

Dickie Silvers is a struggling regional actor who’s overdue for his big break. Enter lifelong best friend and current manager Ian Hunter, who despite a gross lack of discretion, manages to land Dickie a steady stream of “questionable bookings,” that could make his career of getting them both killed. 

2017 - messiah.exe (Sci-Fi/Drama)

A religious zealot resurrects Jesus Christ as the holiest automaton, but problems arise when the robot escapes captivity. 

2017 - Thee Button (Comedy)

Yin and Yang have been sitting anxiously in a motel room (aka purgatory) for years, with a single fated button between them. What happens if they push it?

2019 - Calington Castle (Fantasy)

Calington Castle is a Christian Game of Thrones meets Lord of the Rings feature film based on the book series by R.A. Feller.

2020 - Packed (Horror)

Daniel, a struggling up-and-coming actor, is staying with his production friend Laurie "on location," when her ex shows up to offer an age-old pact.

2022 - Vortex: A Film Anthology (Horror)

Nikola Tesla was a man with secrets and mysteries we could never imagine. Until now. 'Vortex: A Film Anthology' takes us into the 4th Dimension, as the greatest visionary is forced through a gauntlet of lawless alternate realities. DISTRIBUTED by INDIE RIGHTS MOVIES

COMING SOON - Celebration Day (Comedy/Drama)

Dazed and Confused meets American Beauty, Celebration Day is a dark comedy that follows a tight-knit group of early 1990’s teens as they navigate: an LSD trip gone horribly wrong, smalltime law enforcement, nosy neighbors, and a predator (alligator) in their own backyard – while simultaneously delivering an epic keg party and deceiving their respective parental units.



2015 - Doritos Crash The Super Bowl “Aphrodisiac”

2019 - Doritos Crash The Super Bowl “D-Prep”


Our Guarantee

We believe that everyone deserves to have their music heard. 

Our promise is to honor your original vision, with a Production & Performance Value that far exceeds the price. Simple.


Most everyday citizens trying to make visual art, don't know where to start. That's where we come in.

Depending on where you are in your process, we can take your vision from Script to Production to Screen, be it TV Sizzle Reel, Pilot, Documentary, Short, or Feature Film.


Contact us at and let's start a dialogue about your passion project.


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