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GRAYSON BERRY PRODUCTIONS are now available on LAUNCH 360 MEDIA A New Streaming Video Service

Where you can watch Calington Castle, Westish, Prescribed, Disturbed, Packed and More!

Passion Projects Wanted.

Grayson Berry Productions specializes in the creation & production of "Passion Projects." 


We have several outstanding projects under our umbrella for investment, development, and distribution.  more


TV PILOTS (For Investment and/or Purchase)


FEATURES (For Investment and/or Purchase)


Documentaries – Reality TV (already sold)


Our Guarantee

We believe that everyone deserves to have their music heard. 

Our promise is to honor your original vision, with a Production & Performance Value that far exceeds the price. Simple.


Most everyday citizens trying to make visual art, don't know where to start. That's where we come in.

Depending on where you are in your process, we can take your vision from Script to Production to Screen, be it TV Sizzle Reel, Pilot, Documentary, Short, or Feature Film.


Contact us at and let's start a dialogue about your passion project.