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About The Company

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and GBP Founder & CEO Grayson Berry's work 'behind' the camera as a Producer/Writer/Director certainly reflects that.  Grayson Berry began as an actor in 2002, but after Writing/Directing/Producing his first Pilot in 2010 (Prescribed), he realized that passion projects were more fulfilling long-term. 


GBP's knack for attracting phenomenal crew members, securing memorable locations on a budget, and producing a wide range of amazing projects (from gritty westerns to sports travel documentaries, narrative historic dramas to timely comedies) offer clients over 35 collective years of 360° FILM PRODUCTION know-how.  


Studios, Networks, and Streaming Platforms are increasingly producing content in-house (original content). GBP will also help you make your mark, and get your project distributed, without these built-in contacts.

Do you feel your screenplay or working concept is ready to get out of your head (or desk drawer) and into the real world?  There is no company better than GBP to take you to the next level!   We are here to listen and help you develop your projects, regardless of where you are in the process.

About Grayson Berry

Founder & CEO

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Until the age of 5, Grayson was convinced by his next-door neighbor that he was an alien. Once the disappointment had passed that he lacked extra-terrestrial talents, Gray (as he is known to human friends & family) was exposed to professional acting and theater by his mother; who had stints on The Green Hornet, Ozzie & Harriet, and The Patty Duke Show. Always up for adventure, Gray navigated an eventful adolescence, that included being pulled over naked after a Pink Floyd concert, and hunting a neighborhood alligator in a plastic pool raft. Now safe and sound in adulthood, Grayson has taken acting cues from great performances like Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, and Alec Guinness in The Bridge on the River Kwai. Never slowed by waiting for the phone to ring, this University of San Diego graduate now develops 'Passion Projects' by creatives who need help getting from script to screen: Directing, Producing, Writing, Hosting, and even Performing, when necessary. A traveling man by nature, Gray continues to walk the earth, in search of Nirvana, or, at least, good craft service....

About Thomas Ryan Ward

Head of Production & Executive Producer, VORTEX


Ryan is a stage and independent film actor/director/producer, published playwright and new-works collaborator. After meeting Grayson Berry in 2018, the two film enthusiasts set to work on what would become VORTEX: A Film Anthology (2022).  This collaboration (along with GBP's Raffaele Marchetta) blossomed into several new works since then.


In Ryan's own words, "Working with a team such as the one we have created in GraysonBerryProductions is once-in-a-lifetime.   Clients benefit from the skills and perspectives of artist / creators who come from various backgrounds and embrace a wide variety of genres, filming techniques, and comedic / dramatic tones... there is never 'one voice' or 'one look'... this is truly collaborative.  This is what you and your passion project will gain from working with GBP."

About Raffaele Marchetta

Producer & Head of Content Coordination


Actor, Writer, Producer, Director - Creator.  Whether it's creating the story, setting up the shots, creating a performance, or just setting up the meetings and figuring out the logistics, Raffaele takes it all on. Ten years ago Raffaele made the decision to make his passion a career. His creative passion has led him from Los Angeles to New York working with Eli Roth's Crypt TV as well as training at Paramount Studios. He currently has his irons in the fire with multiple screenplays ready for production and is writing even more content as we speak! Not only does he understand how to craft a great short or feature, Raffaele also has his finger on the pulse of the state of the business today. Having managed movie theaters for close to ten years (starting at the age of 18), he was trained to understand what sells and more importantly how to sell it. Whether it's working closely with box office figures, training with some of the best in the industry, or just being a mega-fan himself and constantly keeping up with what's out there, Raff is primed for taking the next big step in his career or yours.

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